My Enlightenment Experience

Some people had the joy of experiencing their true nature, who they are. I am one of them.

I had my enlightenment experience when I was 22 – it was very profound and happened after one of the workshops that I took.

I felt like I was going out of my head-cage and expanding to infinite space. I felt infinite, endless. ┬áThere was no association with my body. I was not my body anymore. I was everyone and everything. It felt like everything became a slow motion. I could notice every small detail, like kids do. No thoughts and I was authentically in the moment. I AM Here and Now. There are no thoughts about the past, hence no regrets and no hard feelings. There are no thoughts about the future, hence no worries. There is only authentically NOW – only this moment. Everything else is a projection of our mind, everything else is thoughts, electricity in our brain.

The moment you are free from your mental prison, you can experience this life from absolutely different angle. I felt tremendous joy, love for every single living being in this universe. I was not stuck on my opinions anymore. I was everyone and everything at the same time: tremendous connection and Oneness.

I have experienced that I am omnipresent, I have created this world, I am God/Love. And I am not saying this as an Ego-me, but as the love that’s in all of us. We are all One.

After my Enlightenment Experience, I couldn’t look in the mirror, because I knew that my human senses were lying. Human eyes were seeing just the visible part of me, my body. But I know that I am not my body, I am the endless, infinite love, I feel it. But human eyes can’t see it. We can only feel who we truly are with our hearts. Close your eyes, detach from your thought and you will experience the truth of who you are.

Judgement make you fall into an illusion of separation/ego. We mistakenly feel that we are separate. This is an illusion. We are all one. The personality traits we like in others, we possess ourselves. And what we don’t like about others, what we judge in others, we judge in ourselves. People who love and except themselves unconditionally, love and respect other people as well.

After my enlightenment experience, I felt unconditional love for everyone. There was no judgement and no separation. After 7 years now, I have amazing tools on how to deal with people in my life. When I notice myself judging someone, I tell myself to stop and look within. What is it that I don’t like about that person. Then I look within. What is it that I judge or don’t like about myself. I find the root and learn to accept myself completely. It is never about other people. It is always about you and your own relationship with yourself. When you love yourself, you love everyone. People are just your reflection.


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