Attachment vs Detachment

Attachment is identifying yourself with a certain person, thing or situation. We can get attached easily especially to people. We feel like without a certain person you are not as valuable. In relationships we often feel like we can’t live without our partners. Some people get attached to money, job title, status and if they lose it, their confidence and self-esteem gets damaged. Their sense of self diminishes when they lose something they have been so attached to.

When there is attachment, there is fear of losing someone or something. The attachment is in our heads, it is a part of our identity.

However, to experience true joy, freedom and love, one needs to learn how to let go and feel amazing about oneself with or without certain people or possessions. Great car, job or business does not define who we are. Material things come and go but you always remain your authentic real self. Who you are is not defined by what you have. It is defined by who you are being and what you do for the world.

When you feel that you are too attached to your partner, it often creates fear and jealousy. However, take a moment and think how you can take some time for yourself and just be with yourself. If you know how to be happy on your own, you can be happy with other people. Getting detached from people & possessions can be the best thing you can do. People come and go, but you always remain. It is not people that are the source of your joy in life, it is you! You are the one who experiences joy and happiness within you.

Take some time for yourself and learn to be happy just the way you are.

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